Thursday, 16 September 2010

Eclectic Flash, Jane Austen Action Figures and More

No, I haven't moved to the moon. I have been working in DC, beating the traffic by leaving at 6am and returning twelve hours later, or more if armed gunmen strapped with bombs have been taking hostages in the Discovery Building. (America!) Anyway, several dollars later my temporary contract has come to an end and I have been reunited with my keyboard, my teacups and my lie-ins, even as late as 7.30, hungry cats allowing.

Here's me in the rather gorgeous Issue 3 of Eclectic Flash, available in Real Paper Format or on the Online. It is a story called 'Sweet Pastry', which is tiny at only 150 words, but I quite like it. It was a challenge for me to write something so short.

The novel plods ever onwards. I recently printed the whole thing out to see what it is I have actually written. It's a pleasingly thick wodge of paper that at the very least would make a good doorstop. Now here's a thing, American paper sizes are different. I trotted off to the shop to buy some more A4 and they don't have such a concept. They have a paper size, 'letter', that is slightly wider and a different length, so I had to work out how to change the page setup on the computer and then the printer workings. I'm not one of those people who have to write on grey lined, red margined paper with 4 not 2 holes punched or anything, but still it all looks just a little wrong to me.

A friend and I recently visited the Library of Congress in DC. Once we had got a quiet boo and fist-shake out of our systems for grey-squirrelling the Dewey Decimal System into near extinction, we allowed ourselves to be impressed as all heck at the astoundingly beautiful neo-classical building and the general temple-to-books decor inside. It also has a fantastic gift shop, where I bought a Jane Austen Action Figure with Detachable Quill and Writing Desk for my study.

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platespinner said...

Really? No A4?! That would definitely look odd to me. I've been 'enjoying' a brief break from work this week as I've been signed off with a dodgy pelvis. Not got much writing done as can only be upright for a limited length of time. Getting in some great naps though. Glad all ok :)