Wednesday, 27 October 2010

50 Stories For Pakistan - Out now!

This is Greg McQueen, founder of Big Bad Media and 'creative juice' behind 100 Stories For Haiti and his latest project, 50 Stories For Pakistan.

He is holding his very first copy of 50 Stories For Pakistan, which is available from Blurb Books NOW! To order your own copy, please go here.
All proceeds will go to the Red Cross Pakistan Floods Appeal.

The link will also take you to a list of the other authors. I am in some very good company! The introduction is written by the very fabulous Vanessa Gebbie, author of Storm Warning and Words From a Glass Bubble.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Horror! And Pirates

This is Noel, Oonah V Joslin and me in the Piratz Tavern in Washington DC. Oonah and Noel recently travelled from Northumberland, UK to Baltimore, USA, so that Oonah (horror writer, poet and Managing Editor of Every Day Poets) could meet Nathan Rosen (Captain of MicroHorror, also known as Black Dog Nate with Piratz For Sail). I first 'met' Oonah on my online writing group Write Words and I feel like I've known her for years so it was so good to finally meet her.
Oonah is judging the Annual MicroHorror Halloween Contest this year - this is what happened when the two met. Just one week left to enter!

Here is Black Dog Nate (the one in the middle with the beard) singing with Pirates For Sail at the Piratz Tavern, where they are the house band.

We had an exceedingly piratey time, with much carousing and slapping of tables. Huzzah!

Oonah and I met up again in Baltimore where I introduced her to my favourite book shop The Book Escape which is just behind the Inner Harbour. It is everything a second hand book shop should be: packed full of books, helpful staff who love their books, and you have to go through a garden to get to the Poetry and Philosophy section. I always spend far too much money in there.

Oonah in her natural habitat, surrounded by books.

In return, Oonah and Noel introduced me to a cafe in Little Italy which has the Biggest Custard Slice Known To Man. Yum.

Bon voyage!