Friday, 10 June 2011

EDP: Friday in Islington

I'm in Every Day Poets today with Friday in Islington, which I wrote when I was back in the UK last February. Seeing London again with an outsider's eyes was a strange experience: fashion is so much more important there than where I live now and rich and poor share the same space without being nearly so neatly tucked away.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Save the Words

I really just have to point you in the direction of a wonderful website I discovered via WriteWords.

Save the Words is a rescue shelter for almost obsolete words. You can adopt your very own word and even have it made into a t-shirt. I have adopted 'primifluous' - that which flows first. Knowing me I'll take another few home; the kitties will have to squish up and make room.

In other news I have had a poem accepted ('Arthur's Seat', see right) for the Every Day Poets Anthology II and three poems accepted for Static Movement's Static Poetry IV. More on those later!