Friday, 14 August 2009

Friday Ramblings

Another Friday post and at 11am, what's more, so we'll start off with elevensies, one of my favourite meals of the day. Mmm, delicious. More cake?

So I am newly settled into the Land of Unlimited Coffee Refills, Big Cars and Inspirational Presidents (when did you last wear your Gordon Brown T-shirt?).
Yes, America.

Hell, yeah.

The part of the East Coast I am living on is incredibly beautiful, with a sailing enthusiast's dream of a coastline (and a seafood enthusiast's), forested National Parks and two very different cities, Washington DC and Baltimore, in close enough proximity to fill up on culture.

I had a little explore around Baltimore two days ago and found a second hand bookshop that very quickly emptied my wallet. It was everything a second hand bookshop should be: towering piles of books, quirky little twists and turns (you go through the garden and into the house next door to get to the philosophy section), the right musty smell and arty-clothed men who huffily allow you to pay for your purchases and don't give a crap about you. Wonderful.

I then went for a bowl of Thai seafood noodle soup overlooking the harbour. A brightly T-shirted woman kept going past on a segway. I think she was something to do with the Visitor Centre but she was cruising so speedily there was no way of discovering what she was promoting. Seafood is a big thing in Baltimore: shops filled with happy crabs in chef's hats are everywhere.

So this is my new writing environment. Once I had the computer set up and connected to the PixieWeb it was time for me to start typing. Stay tuned to see the results...

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