Monday, 13 July 2009

More Bewilderment

When I was seventeen I wrote a poem called Chess. I found it recently, re-edited it and submitted it to Bewildering Stories, who liked it and published it today!
To find out what a strange little teenager I was, click on the link to the right.


Victoria Elliott said...

You read it in The Magazine first folks ;)

I still have like a hundred copies of that by the way, if you ever need a dozen or so :) maybe if I keep it until you're famous I could even sell them and make myself rich beyond my wildest dreams... or at least afford a Mars Bar...

Jenzarina said...

Yeah, they'll be worth a fortune

Oonah said...

Wonderful poem, dear. Why on earth it didn't get posted to Every Day Poets, I don't know but I'll forgive you this time :)

Ella Blackhart said...


Ooh! You have been told off by Oonah. :)


Nik Perring said...

Nice! And congrats. :)

Will said...

Hi Jen, just been catching up on your blog.

One time I was at a holiday campsite in Brittany. They had outdoor chess. When you finished you had to put the chessmen away in a shed with a padlock. But the weird thing was that they had seperate sheds for the black and white chessmen. The only explanation I can think of is that it was to stop them from fighting each other.