Thursday, 12 March 2009


"For Chrissakes, Janine, turn the volume down. I'm having to shout!"
Eddi needed jazz to work and today she had Duke Ellington careering from the CD player, his exuberance focussing her mind on the flowing form in front of her. Janine always put the volume up too high; she had steady hands and the kind of quick responses that were vital in aiding Eddi's creation of her art but, by f***ery, the girl could be a cretin sometimes.
"Now, concentrate everyone! I’m starting the contouring.”
They leaned in, waiting on Eddi’s commands, engrossed in her effortless skill. When this latest model was unveiled to the public Eddi would be swamped with work and her team would have a job keeping up with the clients.
“Gregory… ready… okay… NOW!”
Gregory slickly passed the precious, fluid globes, faintly luminous under the stark lights, to Eddi and watched as they were incorporated seamlessly into the structure. The woman was a genius.
“And… we’re done. Closing up. Johan… suturing.”
Gregory marvelled at the dexterity and speed with which Eddi and Johan sutured up the patient along the black marker lines that traversed the iodine-tinged skin.

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LL said...

Oh, you are a tease.

So that's all your public gets? That one small taste?