Thursday, 12 March 2009

Molehills out of Mountains

Not quite Everest, is it? No, Glastonbury Tor is here as a visual metaphor that our deeds very rarely meet up to the challenges we set ourselves. BUT that doesn't demean what we achieve in any way. Glastonbury Tor is still quite magnificent in its own right, and this picture even has a cow on it. Bet Everest doesn't have any cows.

So, how are the challenges going?
Number one: The Wordcount per Week Challenge. I haven't written a single word of my novel since last week.
Number two: The Exercise Every Day Challenge. Well, between last weekend's Hen Party and, um, baking more carrot cakes than you can count to for last weekend's Hen Party the exercise thing hasn't really happened.
Number three: The Keep On Top of the Washing Up Challenge. Tick! The dishwasher can take all the credit for this one.
Number four: The Blog More Often Challenge. Not bad. Signs of Strangeness has acquired some more posts, thanks to LL's contributions.
Number five: The Write Something Different Challenge. This is what I mean when I said we shouldn't take away from our achievements; my computer currently has four Word documents open, each one with a different piece of writing in progress: a short story destined for a competition, an almost-finished slice of autobiography for Mslexia and another two pieces of flash fiction.
I submitted my Flash Fiction, entitled 'Sculpture' (see previous post) to WriteWords and had some positive feedback. I submitted a poem to a collection with the theme 'Age' I had read about on the same website.

So a big

for me this week.


LL said...

Sometimes the best writing is done when you're not keeping to deadlines and you are able to live your life, bake carrot cake and allow ideas, characters and plots to rise like a souffle.

Jenzarina said...

I'd love it if all the best ideas came while making cakes.
I do find, though, that once vague ideas are floating around, they only crystalise when I actually sit down and put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard).

Nik's Blog said...

Yay for the tick. And as for exercise, there's always next week!

N :)