Friday, 12 March 2010

Stuff In My Study

Nik Perring has started a trend. What is in your study that makes you happy?

These are some of mine:

1) My Leonardo da Vinci action figure (a birthday present years ago), complete with interchangeable pictures. We have Vitruvian Man at the moment. There is also a green cat from Russia and a frog prince.

2) Me with my sister when I graduated from Bristol University with my Masters in Medieval History on a very hot summer's day. If I sound proud of this, I am; I am now so wonderfully over-stuffed with useless trivia my only hope is to become a writer.

3) My 60's Vietnamese Propaganda Lady. The translation reads: The national empires and reaction should not unwise touch this country. I thought about hanging it on the door but I thought it might put Husband off bringing me tea.

4) My collection of fat Buddhas, along with Death, Luggage and a copy of Mslexia Magazine. Someday I will be published in there... someday.

5) My favourite pink Monkey Mug for all that tea.

6) A Canned Kangaroo (a souvenir from my friend) with an American flag, and a fabulous pottery pen holder with a little bird on it. The bookmark is Castles of Wales and I must have got it when I was on holiday there aged 8.


Catt said...

I like your study. I want your kangaroo! Also, yay Mslexia! I have a copy in my Very Hungry Caterpillar bag waiting to be read. ^_^

Jenzarina said...

Thanks, Catt!

Your bag sounds fab.

Catt said...

My bag is immense. There's a picture on my blog.

Nik Perring said...

Love it - especially DaVinci!