Saturday, 2 January 2010


Happy New Year!

If I'd been asked, ten years ago, what was going to happen over the coming decade I doubt much of what actually did happen would have been on the list. Some things have been far more wonderful than I could have ever imagined, some infinitely worse.
Adventures around the globe with a wonderful man would have been the stuff of dreams. The long-term illness that knocked me down for a couple of years and effectively ended a promising high-flying career came out of nowhere. But it was in recuperating that I turned back to my love of writing and learned the value of all sorts of things I had probably been too arrogant to appreciate before. My virtual writing colleagues are much nicer too. I'm not saying that each day I'm able to sit down at a computer and put my imaginary worlds into words I think about how lucky I am. I should, but I'm more likely to think about running out of milk and whether I should vacuum the carpet.

If I'd been asked what I thought about a scenario in which I was living in America trying to make a go of writing I would have been delighted, although I think I'd have maybe imagined a few more pennies coming in. But there's still time for all that. 2010 is so chock full of new projects that I may have to get a bigger brain to store them all in. There's the horror novel, short stories galore and the possibility of fostering a cat (animal shelters want people to look after kitties until they can be re-homed). Cats help productivity no end, I am sure. I thought about focusing solely on the novel but I love writing flashes (a discovery of 2009), not to mention the lift you get when something gets published and the inspiration messing around with ideas gives you. The novel itself is based on a flash.
I think I am over the disappointment of Maynard Hill's failure to find a publisher (despite some decent praise) to get stuck into the new novel. This time more commercial; MH was definitely a niche market.

Enough ramblings, let's get some words written. A happy, healthy and productive New Year to you all.


Anonymous said...

And you deserve all that's good in what has happened and I wish you every success this year and always.

platespinner said...

Happy New Year! Well, there were certainly some great moments in 2009, not least of all your beautiful wedding. I hope 2010 is a good one. Maynard Hill is good, and it will have its day. The horror novel sounds very interesting - let me know if you need a reader!

I'm still plodding along on my book. I got a fair amount done over the Christmas break. I find I've got more headspace to think about it without work getting in the way. Still only 20,000 words into the redraft though. Who knows if I will ever finish.


Nik Perring said...

Happy new year, Jen and all the very best for your writing. Stick at it!

Nik X