Sunday, 29 November 2009

I Won a Book Today!

Strictly Writing had an interview with Gavin James Bower recently. If you left a comment you could win a copy of his book, Dazed and Aroused. I was the lucky recipient!

Here is the blurb from Bower's novel:

Dazed & Aroused
Gavin James Bower

For six hectic months, season to season in the High Fashion calendar, twenty-something male model Alex hurtles between London, Paris and Milan, absorbed in the ruthless world of the catwalk. His long-term girlfriend, Nathalie, is desperate to rekindle their love; his oldest friend, Hugo, though regarding Alex’s so-called career as frivolous, continues to urge fidelity; while his father, reduced to a voice on an answer machine, nevertheless persists in seeking his estranged son’s approval. As his stock as a model soars, Alex is increasingly drawn into a world of predatory sex, drug-induced infatuation and a growing bewilderment with the alluring, seductive shallowness of all he sees around him. The centre cannot hold ...

The novel is based on Bower's own experiences as a model. He has also worked as a journalist, and a screenplay and second novel are in the works. As I am guessing he is still only in his mid-to-late twenties he is only just getting going.
Watch out for this one!

Click here for the link to Quartet Books' website.

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