Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mrs Aldershott and Pease Pottage

My story, Mrs. Aldershott and Pease Pottage is out now in the November (not October, as previously mentioned!) issue of First Edition Magazine, available from WH Smiths and Borders.

Unfortunately, it is only for sale in Actual Real Paper (ARP) format in the UK but there is a web edition that you can download from the website although (sensibly, perhaps) they still have the October edition up at the moment.

The story tells of a Cornish Piskie who has run away from his job loading the internet because he is fed up with all the porn. A chance meeting with a sweet old lady with a crush on Alan Titchmarsh changes his perpective.

As you can imagine, I am excited about being in an ARP story magazine and can't wait to see it when it finally finishes its swim across The Pond. Hope it's not too wet.

Nope, that's wrong. I've just been looking at their website and you can order a copy from anywhere in the world but there's no web version. Sorry about that!


Oonah said...

wonderful, Jennifer X

Nik Perring said...

Excellent news! Congrats. That's brilliant.