Friday, 25 September 2009

Exciting news!

My story Mrs Aldershott and Pease Pottage will be in the October issue of First Edition.
I'll put up a link with the others on the right hand side of the page when it's out. It is available in actual real paper format from WH Smith's and Borders.

And an exciting shipping update... it's here!! I haven't done any writing over the last couple of days because I've been unpacking 61 boxes of Stuff. I have books on bookshelves, teacups in the cupboard and immense amounts of chocolate on what has now become the Chocolate Shelf.
My lovely pristine study is not quite so stark any more and is knee deep in clutter, as every good study should be.

1 comment:

Sarah Hilary said...

Fantastic, Jen! Many many congrats! Lovely to have that messy study, too. I bet you feel proper writerly. :)