Wednesday, 2 September 2009

And the Winner is...

Thank you to everyone who entered my mini-competition. A quick reminder of the theme:

What is the plural of synopsis?
Or, what is the collective noun for synopsis?

Not surprisingly, you all knew what the plural of synopsis is: synopses. So a point to everyone, and not a silly answer in sight!

More worryingly, the mere mention of the word sent everyone running for the gin bottle.

1st prize for the collective noun goes to Sarah Hillary's 'A SOD IT! of synopses', with extra points awarded for capital letters.
Sarah, I'm afraid I don't have a trophy cup as promised but I do have an espresso cup, which I hope you will find more useful, if less glorious.


Sarah Hilary said...

Ooh lovely, thanks, Jen! I could use a strong coffee during those 6am sessions with the novel. And your cup is such a pretty one. Ta, and cheers everyone!

Jenzarina said...

Glad you like the cup, it is one of six I got as a wedding present!
Caffine ahoy!