Friday, 26 June 2009


I was having a conversation with someone earlier today about the importance of headspace, i.e. getting the inside of your head upholstered appropriately.
In an office-based business you'd expect nice shiny office chairs, desks at the right height, some potplants, maybe a little kitchen and good lighting. Why would your head be any different if, as a writer, that is your workspace?

I have been frantically busy recently with a couple of life-changing events that are taking up most of my mental and physical capacity. Even though I have had a little spare time, I have not been able to write (including blogging) because the inside of my head is so utterly filled with clutter and paper aeroplanes flying around. If my headspace was an office right now it would be condemned for several hundred breaches of health and safety law and the workers would be streaming out through the front lobby in horror.

Hopefully soon the headspace will be refurbished, the paper aeroplanes filed in the correct drawers, the keyboards dusted off and I'll be able to write again.

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Jen said...

Jennifer, I superbly enjoyed this blog! ;) I was scratching my own head at the first paragraph and intrigued! Perfect! I know this feeling and you explained it wonderfully on the dime! I'm looking forward to following your blogs :)