Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Doorknobs and BodyPaint

My new foray into flash fiction (stories of less than 1000 words) is definitely paying off. I've had my third success, this time in the quarterly fiction e-zine, Doorknobs and Bodypaint (see link to the right).
The piece was written in response to a challenge: write a story in less than 450 words about people's life choices using only dialogue. I'm quite scared of dialogue - I think it's one of my weakest areas - so I'm delighted to have been accepted. (AND - modest cough - mine appears under the banner First Prize. I don't think I win much more than honour but that's better than a kick in the shins, I think.)
The premise of the story is 'what if people really grew up to do all those jobs they dreamed about as kids? And what would speed dating be like?'

If you were paying attention a few posts ago you'll remember I wanted to be Hazel from Watership Down when I grew up.

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Sarah Hilary said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! That's an excellent venue from what I've heard. I remember my father reading Watership Down to me and my siblings over the long summer holidays one year many moons ago...