Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pygmy Giant

Happy Easter!

My topical story from the last post is up on the Pygmy Giant, a site for British flash fiction, today.

Click on the title at the top to take a peek.


LL said...

Did you eat the other half of that Cadbury's Cream Egg, Jen?

Victoria Elliott said...

Whoop! Well done Jen-jen :)

Jenzarina said...

I ate ALL the Cadbury's Cream Eggs.

Have CCEs made it to the other side of the pond yet?

LL said...

When I lived in England they were only sold there and then only at Easter.

About four or five years ago they migrated over.

Chocolate from the UK is of a much higher quality than chocolate sold in the US for the most part. The one thing we don't have are LION BARS. However there is a store about fifty miles from where I live that sells them (imported).