Wednesday, 18 February 2009


After my nonsensical ramble yesterday I am flexing my fingers in a positive way today. Why? Because I feel like there is a little team of cheerleaders around me.

LL, I completely take your point that deadlines do not produce good writing. They don't. If anyone needs proof they should read my Masters' dissertation in its original form, which was quite the most diabolical thing ever written.

However, as Queen of Procrastination

I do need a kick up the bottom and a sense of purpose or I will drift around forever (see boat picture from yesterday- can't use that one too many times).

But feeling answerable to a friendly community is a good feeling. Writers don't have much of a community, other than their potplants (and the Leonardo Da Vinci action figure on my desk) and it is nice to feel that I can report my successes to a bunch of nice people. Of course, you're not going to fail me if I don't meet my deadlines. You won't deduct marks or refuse to pay me. Well, you can try but I'll ignore you.

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LL said...

We will remind you to write and will demand in return, small sniglets of your writing on your blog (by way of reward for being your harpies).