Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Rejection... get used to it

There it was, by return of post. A rejection letter from my favourite publisher who hadn't read my submission. They don't accept unsolicited manuscripts any more and suggested I find an agent. What have I been doing for the last however-many months? Well, at least they didn't reject it because they hated it. And I still love them.

So what now? The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook, of course. I have trawled through the writers' bible looking for independent publishers who might possibly maybe take a sneaky look at an unsolicited manuscript. And, interestingly, the big publishers too: Macmillan have a New Writers section where you can send manuscripts to. By email, furthermore, thus saving the costs of printing, posting and including an SAE (about £2 per submission with printing costs and postage). They publish about one a month and receive thousands, but still. It's worth a go.

The other publishers will have to wait until my new toner has arrived so I can print out submissions. Oh, it's an expensive business, this.

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